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Positive Intervention

This is Mimi Low’s personal site, my own positive intervention site.

Why Positive Intervention? Well, the last 10 years or so has been about “finding” myself and my purpose in life. In my quest to do so, I have realised life is a continuous path to learning, growing, sharing and loving. Like a roller coaster with “ups” and “downs”, it is sometimes unpredictable. I have learnt that self awareness and self recognition with the mindset to change are the key factors which play very important roles in who you want to be and what you want to achieve in life. And sometimes, like it or not, we just need that little extra help in positive intervention motivation from trusted others to help us move along.

My journey thus far has changed me immeasurably to become more mindful in my thoughts and actions. As I journey through and learn to overcome my fears and handle my failures, I become better in what I do so that I may get to help others to have a better quality in life, too.

Hence, here I am, updating this site which has been sitting here for ages and changed numerous times as I was finding my purpose. I hope my blog will enhance your lives in some ways, business and personal alike; as I continue my journey of learning and the joy of sharing my experiences and general positive interventions here.

I welcome you to journey together and spread the joy of living around. Namaste.

Mimi Low
Life and Wellness Coach

HRDF Trainer
Internet Entrepreneur

“Providing Quality Coaching And Training”


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