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Cultivate A Positive World & A Positive You

Explore the world with Mimi’s blog – make everyday an opportunity to learn something new. Start the momentum of change and fulfil your dreams to be where you want to be, whom you want to be and what you want to achieve. Learn new skills, pick up a fun hobby, stop and smell the roses, run 10 miles, or fall in love and walk in the rain. Whatever you do, remember life is a journey to be enjoyed. So, if you are reading this, welcome to Mimi’s blog. I confess I am not much of a blogger, but will be consolidating all my blogs through the years on various sites and bringing them to this one spot. This is where I will share worthy articles, videos and photos I come across online (full credit to original links) and also write my views and thoughts on matters which are important to me. In other words, you will find everything possible that takes my fancy and worth sharing here. Do please read Mimi’s blogs with an open mind. No offence is ever intended based on culture, religion, country or whatsoever, and I regret any such offence or upset caused, if any. Please read full disclaimer on using this site. Last but not least, may Mimi’s blogs and sharing here enrich you with awe-inspiring thoughts and pump some excitement, motivation, mindfulness and laughter into  your life. I hope you will enjoy reading and sharing. Much thanks. Cheers!

Failure Is Not An Option

Why Failure Is Not An Option? Life is a learning experience where we taste every success and every failure. Live every moment and learn from past failures and mistakes to continue to grow through your life's journey. #LiveAndBreathe #CountYourBlessings

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Make Your Dreams into Reality

Dreams can only become a reality with hard work and determination. When you do nothing, nothing happens. "Making Dreams Into Reality Is Easy With The Right Mindset And Actions." Do you dream? And if you do, what do you dream of? Do you dream of making enough money to...

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We can control our own actions and master how we respond to situations presented to us.    

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A Smile Is Wonderful. It Costs Nothing To Smile And A Beautiful Smile Can Bring Rainbow To The World.    

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6 Great Habits to be A Happy Couple

A Happy Couple On Valentine's Day. Hey, it's Valentine's Day again, a special day to celebrate love. It is a celebration mainly amongst happy couples in love, but it can also be a celebration of love amongst family and good friends. Although Valentine's day has been...

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Who Am I?

Who Am I? No, this is not a trick question. I used to ponder on this question daily ....... just soul searching on finding the ME. We often grow up with ideas of who we want to be........influenced by our parents, our teachers, peers and the surrounding environment....

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Law Of Attraction

Do you believe you can be successful, be wealthy, have anything you wish in the world? The answer to that question would be yes, if you believe hard enough, wish hard enough, focus hard enough and act hard enough! The Law of Attraction is the magnetic relationship...

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Remove Gallstones Without Surgery

In the past two years, I have come across a few friends and relatives who have been diagnosed with gallstones problems. So what are gallstones exactly? In very simple terms, gallstones are the accumulation of cholesterol from the fats that we consume which...

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Jin Ji Du Li (Golden Rooster Stands On One Leg) Exercise

Healthcare has always been my number one priority as I believe that without health, we cannot enjoy life to the fullest. And I am a firm believer of living life to its fullest! What I am about to share here today probably has been shared around the...

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Caffeine Coffee And Wine Lovers

Coffee And Wine Is Good For Health. This is definitely great news for coffee and wine lovers. Coffee, mostly a morning drink; wakes us up and wine, a dining accompaniment may relax us in the evening.What better way to begin and end the day! I certainly...

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